Sex Offender Registration

Sex Offender Registration

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Sex offender registration is a by-product of every sex crime conviction including probation. It represents a heightened level of lifetime supervision for those convicted of a sexual offense. Contact our collaborative team of criminal defense lawyers if you have questions about sex offender registration.

Failure to register

As a sex offender who has been convicted, the law puts stringent requirements on you or a loved one. If you or a loved one is found by a court to have violated these requirements, such as failure to register a change of address, it can mean a life sentence. You or your loved one needs a team of lawyers that is sympathetic and understanding of the fears and handles every aspect of sexual offense cases.

Our unique team approach is a collaborative effort initiated by two lawyers with a combined total of more than 50 years of experience in practicing law. We now work with attorneys from various firms who focus on criminal defense work. Our goal is to have clients walk out of the courtroom with us unsupervised by law enforcement.

Above all: do not delay

If you or someone you care about has been accused of a sex crime, do not wait until the police come knocking at the door. Do not talk to the police. Call our collaborative team of lawyers to defend the accusations and fight for your freedom: contact the Texas sex criminal defense attorneys today. We will respect your privacy and keep all information strictly confidential under the attorney-client privilege.

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