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If you are here, chances are you need an attorney to defend you or someone you know against a sex offense charge. Unbelievable, isn’t it? You perceive that even being charged with this type of crime has the potential of ruining you or your loved one’s life. If you are concerned that reputation, liberty, or life is at stake, contact the Texas sex crimes defense team.

You keep thinking that this has got to be a bad dream. Most, if not all, of our clients feel the same way. You or your loved one needs real help in the form of sex assault defense or an Internet sex crimes defense team composed of experienced criminal defense lawyers.

The unique team approach is a collaborative effort initiated by attorneys . The attorneys of Schneider & McKinney, P.C.  have more than 50 years of combined experience in practicing law and have built a network of Houston and Gulf Coast lawyers from different firms with a focus on criminal defense. The goal of this team is simple: To have their clients walk out of the courtroom with them.

Please visit the Attorney Profiles Page to examine our credentials, and then decide if they are the best qualified attorneys in Texas to represent you.

Your biggest enemy right now is delay. If you or a loved one is falsely accused of a sex crime such as sexual assault, rape, or child pornography, or if you or a loved one is the subject of a Children’s Protective Services investigation, the stakes are high.

Call the Texas Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys today. They will respect your privacy and keep all information strictly confidential under the attorney-client privilege.

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