Lewd Conduct

Lewd Conduct

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Lewd conduct is defined as any unlawful act committed to arouse sexual interest in a oneself or whomever their actions are directed at. The actual charges and consequences can vary throughout Texas Gulf Coast cities and counties.

If you, or a loved one, are charged with lewd behavior, lascivious conduct, and especially this type of sex crime against a child, you need experienced criminal representation immediately. Do not wait to contact our Texas sex crimes defense team for help. Your reputation and your freedom are at stake.

The Schneider & McKinney, P.C. team of criminal defense attorneys decisively handle all sexual crimes, including lewdness offences involving:

  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • Child pornography
  • False accusations

Lewd conduct involving other adults may be treated as a misdemeanor or a felony. Lewdness may also be charged as an add-on offense to another criminal sexual charge such as sexual assault, battery and Internet crimes.

Felony Charges Involving Minors

Lewd behavior involving minors is a felony offense in Texas. A criminal conviction for lewdness where children are the victims can mean heavy fines, prison time and possible lifetime sex offender registration as a sexual predator where ever you live. Registered sex offender information is accessible to the public and may be used by current or prospective employers, schools, neighborhood coalitions and others, making it extremely difficult to get an apartment, a job or an education.

If you are convicted of a repeat lewd conduct offense you can face even stricter punishments, including mandatory psychological treatment and confinement to a mental hospital. Our team of lawyers works hard to help clients avoid the often overwhelming public pressure on prosecutors to convict them, significant social stigma, and the serious legal consequences these types of sex crimes carry.

Call Our Houston Prostitution and Indecent Exposure Attorneys

Protect your good name and your freedom. If you have been accused of lewd conduct in public or elsewhere, it is vital that you seek aggressive legal help as soon as possible. Call our Houston criminal defense team today at (713) 951-9994.

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